Marys Meals, Helping Kids in Poorer Countries

    My mother asked me to donate a backpack with basic kit for a schoolchild in impovrished countries, You donate a backpack with books, notepads, pencils, pens, eraser, ruler etc to help these kids improve there life after either war, famine or poverty has made it impossible for there parents to afford the basics to get them or back into education.

    Please visit the site and have a look and see what you think.



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    If you are a teacher that would like to get a class involved or a parent that was going to throw out your kids old backpack and stuff, then you should have a wee look inside.

    What an interesting site, I had heard about Marys meals but you prompted me to take a closer look.Will be supporting this.

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    Thanks, you dont realise how good we and most kids in the UK have it until you see poor they have it.

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    bump to increase awarness


    where would we send the full bags then?

    I would like to make up a bag and was wondering if there is anywhere near Salisbury or maybe Portsmouth where I can drop it off? I couldn't see the info online so if you know please let me know. Thanks.
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