Mass Effect 2. Not as good as the 1st?

    I bought this on friday as will a lot of other people.I took it to CEX today and traded it for £26.
    Here's why.
    It takes ages to load when you've died or between cut scenes.
    When you press resume if you die it doesn't take you to your last save point but to the computers.
    I don't like the fact you can't upgrade individual armour or weapons.
    The characters aren't as charismatic as the first which means I had no interest in developing them.
    AI characters are poor in fights as most of the time they run straight at the enemy without seeking cover so you constantly have to give direction.
    To get minerals for upgrades you have to scan worlds which takes far to long. Prefer the old way of doing it. Seems a little unnecessary to add this to the game.
    This was just a few of the reasons why I decided to get rid of it.

    I got it for £17.95 from a deal I posted a few weeks ago…360


    Not played it yet waiting for it to go pre £30

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    Think I expected more from a sequel. Must be getting too picky in my old age. A few glithces in as well. At one point I floated up into the ceiling and was stuck. Had to reload

    i think its a brilliant glad theyve taken more of a action route than rpg side.

    im glad i dl'd it

    :s i wasn't the biggest fan of the first one really. much prefered Star wars knights of the old republic, but thought i would give this one another go since the good reviews it got


    Not played it yet waiting for it to go pre £30

    get it from argos, £39.99 but you get a free charging dock, could easily sell it if you didn't want to keep it.

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    Yeah I prefer KOTOR. Much better, even now. Shame that the old republic will only be online. A lot of fans will be annoyed about that

    I borrowed the first one from a friend and so only played it a few times. Didn't really get into it. The 2nd one I have found excellent, and I don't normally go for single player games.

    So far the story and graphics have been excellent, about 5 hours into it.

    Can't compare to first game as I don't remember it that well.
    Not found a bad thing about it yet.

    think of it like a story, beginning middle and end

    The first part is interesting because it has to establish a lot, the second part puts the pieces in place and strengthens our heroes for the OMFG events in part 3.

    You can't COMPARE stories since it's essentially the same story - they go TOGETHER
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