Massage chair??

    I'm interested in purchasing a cheap massage chair for my parents for xmas. So far I've found this one (…08B ) - Has anyone found one cheaper than this? It's 79.99 from Comet. Seems like a really good deal, but surely someone can do better!


    Looks good ~ Good price too. The one i got my eye on costs £1599 !!! from furniture village (HT125). Now i might think of getting it from comet. I never knew they do message chairs!!!

    I had a go on this chair in comet yesterday... it was fun... I WANT ONE.... I did giggle quite a bit, they also had another one which was £99.99 but i never managed to have a go on that one, felt a bit embarassed as it was really close to the cash desks and people were watching!

    This is a good price. Asda had them for £80-90 in August
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