Master quote car insurance - any experience with them?

Found 8th Nov 2010
Have found bad reviews over the net but was wondering if anyone has had experience with them?

They come up at least £200 cheaper than the next car insurance company on gocompare.


Thanks in advance
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I haven't personally but googled them and the first review site was full of 1 star and 0 star reviews saying stay clear.
Always worth paying a bit more for the peace of mind that if you should need to claim it will be dealt with promptly.
Found a tesco car insurance policy for £50 more. Damn insurance has gone up!
As above, gave master quote a miss.
Do not touch MASTERQUOTE INSURANCE with a bargepole, extremely bad service costing you EXTRA, huge cancellation fees and penalties costing you EXTRA, they will reroute you through various call centres costing you EXTRA, you will spend more time dealing with them sorting their problems out costing you EXTRA, in a nutshell i wouldnt insure my pet Hamster with them, find someone more reliable which will not cost you EXTRA.
Masterquote is backed by one of the biggest most successful companies in UK, not a well known fact bu ttrue and adds a lot of peace of mind at claim time
wudnt touch MQ.. quoted us £150 more than our current (just renewed) and that was £30 more than last year
Poor communication and customer service - whatever you might think you're saving, or getting from dealing with a very large company (part of Capita), you will lose in aggravation, frustration, and general unhelpfulness later.
£511.22 third party fire and theft for 41yr old housewife 2 yrs no claims.on vauxhall corsa
including a transaction fee of £57.46.. MQ,RIP OFF
searched online got fully comp £161.do not use MQ
my husband is with msq and all they have done is ask for money all the time,ha got a diff car they charged him alsorts and still wanting more money for something else which he has to npay but doesnt know what for really frustrating:(
Master quote are useless. They lost 3 copies of my proof of no claims despite being them sent in their reply paid envelopes ! They then cancelled my policy but didn't tell me until 7 days later so i was driving around uninsured. They then charged me premiums and a £65 cancellation fee and then sent me a bill for 68p ?? I've spent ages on the phone to generally unhelpful call centre staff who actually told me they "didn't have a clue" what to do !. Thank goodness i didn't have to claim on the policy !. Stay well clear of them.
The company.Well how long have you got!!!!ive paid for fully comp.You would expect good service,Sadly this is not the case ive had to phone the company many many times chasing my claim!!!Costing me lots off money and time!!They should not be allowed to operate in this manner.I will take this matter much further!! I worry about other clients ie eldery that would not be able to presue the claim!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They are a complette waste of time and when you need help they just leave you on hold! Absolutely dreadful, useless rip off!
Avoid at all costs. I had insurance with these, that was £599, they automatically renewed as part of their small print. Renewal cost was £2300 via another credit company. Small print allows them to do this
Masterquote is a dreadful, dreadful service. I set home insurance, paid the deposit and sent the DD mandate back. I then received a letter stating that as I had not returned the DD mandate they would be cancelling the insurance. I have attempted to contact them on several occasions being put on hold for several hours. I have now given up and have changed my insurance provider ....... and spoke to an advisor straightaway. I am going to report Masterquote to the FCA when I return from my holiday. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED DO NOT USE THIS INSURANCE COMPANY!

The worst - stay clear - promised call backs that never happened. No logic or consideration! Not very helpful. Better companies out there with better customer service! AVOID
Apparently fires don't occur after hours so ignore their claims of a 24 hour claims assistance. No action is going to be taken until Monday at 9 am - since it took 40 minutes to get through on Friday night (at 7pm) I am not holding out much hope of a speedy resolution. In the meantime, everything is smoke damaged, electricity is off in case that causes more problems and we have to impose on friends to stay without knowing what to do or how long it will take. Should have read these comments before taking insurance out with them.
Steer very, VERY clear of this Lot, actually, not even sure if they are an insurance company. They appear to be a cash collection agency and not much else. I would be interested to know if ANYONE has made a successful claim.
Avoid them like a PLAGUE!!!
They cancelled my policy in less than 21 days because I forgot to send my proof of NCD. They then took the direct debit payment a week after they had cancelled the policy and also had the nerve to charge me £75 as cancellation charge.
Avoid, avoid, avoid. I called in December to cancel my policy as they automatically renewed without sending me any confirmation paperwork. When I rang to cancel they told me I could cancel but that I would have to pay December, which I accepted. In January they took the monthly payment out so I rang them again, they then said I would have to pay £96 as an early cancellation charge, even though they had taken an additional month's payment from me. There was no arguing with the extremely belligerent call centre handler and when I asked for the Manager to call me back, they didn't and just sent me a final payment notice, warning me that I would have to pay £147 if I didn't pay within a week. Absolutely disgraceful company who no one should EVER insure with.
DO NOT TOUCH!!!!!!!!!! They are beyond useless!!!! Major errors all the way along due to inexperienced staff!!! My daughter was driving round uninsured due to them being muppets!!!! DO NOT TOUCH
They take forever to answer the phone, then still don't know what they are talking about!!!!!! Teying to get MD's e mail address or phone number to lodge an official complaint! if anyone has it, please let me know
Just tried cancelling insurance £75 fee and the rest of the insurance premium what a rip off
Do not touch this company!!!!! They are shocking...... They may come in abit cheaper, but believe me you will pay for it in the long run!!! Totally untrained staff, No Manager presence! Totally frustrating dealing with total fools!!!!
Yes agree DONOT TOUCH!! JUST BEEN CHARGED HUGE CANCELLATION FEE. Just glad out of it and never needed to claimake with them
As most others have stated, do not touch them with a barge pole.
I took out a policy with them at the start of December 2017 and have had nothing but grief and additional charges since.
Finally escaped their clutches for another provider but MQ have left me out of seriously out of pocket for nothing but grief!
Nick_Sharp53 m ago

As most others have stated, do not touch them with a barge pole.I took out …As most others have stated, do not touch them with a barge pole.I took out a policy with them at the start of December 2017 and have had nothing but grief and additional charges since.Finally escaped their clutches for another provider but MQ have left me out of seriously out of pocket for nothing but grief!

Here we go again ancient threads getting opened up for no reason.
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