Mastercard stung me for £12.00

    I forgot to pay my last credit card bill for £1.50 on time (yes you read right £1.50). They have billed for for £12.00 for late payment. I have never missed a payment in 20 years! Fuming or what!
    Anyone else been in this situation?


    Just call them up and politely tell them the truth. They usually will refund the charge to you if this is your first time.

    I have done it before and was refunded.

    try ringing them up and get them to reverse the cost, I know someone who got charged £6, they rang up and it got removed. You never know you might get lucky

    They have done the same to me before and i did pay before the date but apparantly it takes a few days to clear or something and it hadnt in time

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    Will try this tomorrow. Thanks for your advice.

    I can also confirm that this has happened to me with a couple of different companies. who use Mastercard.
    Honesty has paid for me both times and I have been refunded.

    Yes its the way credit cards work, its a pain.
    If you have £1000 on your card and pay off £999 of it, you will still get charged the interest on the full £1000. that'll be why you have such a heavy interest charge. As advised previously, I would call up and threaten to close your account and get a different credit card. Im sure they will let you off with it

    A tip for you & anyone else in this situ - I used to work for a certain High St bank's collections dept a few years ago - we used to get literally hundreds of people ringing in each month with this.

    The terrible thing was, if somebody rung in & asked for a cost reversal, it was down to our discretion - there was no set rule or procedure. - So we used to play games like - reverse every other request, reverse the customer if they shared a surname with a celebrity, had a funny surname - anything to pass the time of day really. As a young, single bloke at the time, any female under 25yrs old never paid any costs if they got through to me!

    Which leads me to the tip - Most banks' call centres close a tad earlier on Fridays. As well as this, the staff are usually in a better "Friday mood". So the best way of getting a result is by calling in on Friday evening- ( 7.30pm is a good time as not to busy 'cos Corrie is on & close to 'going home' time for the staff)- and when you call try & have a laugh with the person you speak to. If you're lucky enough to get a member of the opp. sex, chat em up, be a bit flirty etc & trust me, 9 out of 10 times it will work. Emphasise it's not a regular thing as well.The agent is in a good mood & is more likely to let you off with the costs.

    Thank them over the top if they do it for you as well - good comments are always noted on accounts.

    This plan only falls down of course if your banks call centre is in Asia & tbh, then you have no chance.

    Its worked for me recently both with Natwest & Capital One.

    Good Luck Pred!.

    Just hope its not an MBNA CC

    Its happened to me, i too forgot to pay it as it was a small sum, something like £5. I called them and told them that i had forgotten all about it and that i always pay on time, they checked my previous payments and took the charge off. Sure they will do the same for you, good luck

    At least not as bad as Crapital one I did owe £200 but sold loads of things to CEX, I was actually about £25 in credit(which shouldnt happen lol)

    I assumed money wouldnt be taken from my bank that month but they did, my bank charged me £75(3x unpaid fees) but at least they refunded them, and Crapital one then chraged me £12 letter fee, £12 unpaid fee £12 unauthorised overdrawn fee(eh I as £25 in credit with them) then charged me these amounts twice then said they count the CEX transactions as refunds not payments.

    Never got the money back.

    Another time I paid my balance by debit card and was owing nothing.

    They still took the full amount from my bank via direct debit about 2 weeks later claiming their system hadnt updated.

    They refused to refund it so I did a chargeback from bank and then crapital one sent me a late payment fee for not paying and refused to refund that.

    I currently owe them about £150 and about £90 of that is charges.
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