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Found 24th Jan 2009
Does anyone know where I can find the recipes from the Masterchef on Thursday nigh as Id like to make the coconut, lavender and fruit dessert and the gooey chocolate one but I can't find them online. Probably because I can't remember the proper names.

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I'm not sure they upload every recipie - I think they just upload a selection of the best.

Watch it again on i player


Watch it again on i player…1k5

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Thanks but on iplayer they just tell you what it is and not the ingredients, how long to cook etc. Perhaps someone will find out later.

Which episode ?

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I think it was last Wednesday or Thursday it was a quarter final where the lady who cooked with familar food but gave it an up to date presentation won it. One of the runners up done a brunch as her final choice. Sorry can't remember anymore.
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