Matalan £5.00 off £25.00 - Rather deceiving

Posted 5th Jul 2017
I don't know if others are aware of how Matalan work these things out as I wasn't

There was a spin the wheel game type thing sent via email and it said I'd won £5.00 off £25.00 and as I'd had my eye on a couple of things already I placed an order of £42.00 and used the voucher.

Order arrived and I thought it was odd that on the invoice the prices were broken down differently from the original price rather than just showing five pounds off the total order.

So for example one item I ordered was £12.00 originally and on the invoice it said £10.58.

I returned this item as it was awful and kept everything else so it still meant after the return I'd still spent over 25.00 to qualify for the five pounds off or so I thought.

But no,they refund you what it's broken down to on the invoice so in turn that means you don't actually receive five pounds off your whole order.

I couldn't even see it mentioned in the terms and conditions of the game.

In this instance the difference wasn't a lot but I've never placed orders with other companies offering money off a total spend where they don't just reduce the total order by say five,ten pounds etc.

This seems like it's done to deliberately deceive people into thinking they are receiving five pounds off twenty five but if you return anything then you're not

I won't be using a voucher code again in a hurry with this company as you don't know until you receive the order how much you're actually paying for the goods

Rant over and breathe
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