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quite alot of folk dont know but u can save points with ur matalan card every time u shop its really just like nectar points ! i didnt descover this untill i received a brochure through and noticed i had nearly 3000 points saved ! so get saving folks!:thumbsup:


I never knew that. Thanks for the update.
What do you do with the points?

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:thumbsup: u can use them to shop in matalan or save them to go mini breaks.ask for a leaflet next time ur in matalan as simple as that !


:thumbsup: u can use them to shop in matalan or save them to go mini … :thumbsup: u can use them to shop in matalan or save them to go mini breaks.ask for a leaflet next time ur in matalan as simple as that !

I will :thumbsup:
I'll check on their website Tomorrow.:thumbsup:

Really? I am always in matalan to buy cheapy essentials stuff, I never knew this!

How do you go about finding out how many points you have?

read here ]http//re…php says something about a scottish trial or something I haven't read it properly but have a quick look. Are you Scottish mstiny ?

EDIT or maybe not check this out ...]http//re…p

........... can't see how this works I think you might need to apply for a reward card but it doesn't say how I give up !!

Put My Details In Online To Check My Balance And It Doesnt Recognise Me. Has This Happened To Anyone Else?

]http//re…php I think it might just be an automatic thing !! It must be a new thing so I thinkits just a matter of sitting back and waiting !!

Aye looks like it's just being trialed in Scotland atm and it looks like the points can only be used on 'gifts'.

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yes malibu i am scottish never thought maybe its different in england ! sorry if i get everybodies hopes up ! :oops:

All I could find on the main site was

Matalan's unique free card scheme offers a number of benefits. The card is free and as well as saving you up to 50% off high street prices*, you will be sent regular updates of our new collections and special offers, direct to your home. We'll also let you know about forthcoming sale events. With a superb choice of the newest looks for all the family, as well as our fantastic value homewares, its no wonder Matalan is the fastest growing fashion retailer.

nothing about the rewards thingy - do they have a .co.scotland website?

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I asked one of the girls in matalan the other day if i could use points that i had saved off my next shop and the girl said yes but not so sure after reading the website! The matalan card is free and u use it each time u shop ,i have 2900 points saved but not sure what that gets me ,i checked out the website there and it shows 2 gifts only but i think there must be more gifts than this just not showing on the website yet but its definately only for scotland sorry england !!maybe if its a success it will follow soon guys.another thing for anyone who is interested the points saved only lasts 3 years then it gets wiped so dont loose out on this.;-)
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