matalan opening time on boxing day

Found 25th Dec 2010
hye would someone be able to tell me what time matalan will be opening on sunday 26th boxing day, i believe the sale will be starting so want to get in early.
had a search online but cant see times, please tell me if you know thanx
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lol couldnt find on website thats why i posted a thread thanx anyway
Normally starts from 7am I think or 9am
here search your store click on then scroll down to see times....
it just states normal sunday trading times, i dont know what the normal trading times are on sunday.

Normally starts from 7am I think or 9am

no they would open on the usual times, which i am guessing on a sunday will be between 9am and 11am, dont know exact time though thanx anyway
its a pain in the ass because some shops are opening a hour before for 'browsing' like debenhams
lol ye and the weather doesnt help
just found out its 10 til 4 thanx every1
aint it about time England ditched these silly sunday trading laws anyway.....im sure it would help the economy

8am for debanhams up here in Glasgow
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sunday trading hours are 11-5

open at half 10 for browsing
- Log onto the matalan website
- At the top of the page it should say storefinder
- Add your postcode
- Click on which ever is closest
- Below it should say the opening times for SUnday the 26th
can somebody tell me if matalan is open today 26th monday 2011 thanks xx

can somebody tell me if matalan is open today 26th monday 2011 thanks xx

Ring them (_;)
i am sure the one in doncaster said it opened at 5am on boxing day when i was in there a couple of days ago
can anyone help with the opening time for the 99p shop , I hear there is a great sale on

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