Matalan refund question?

Posted 9th Sep 2022
Sign up in Matalan saying sale items can only be refunded to a Matalan refund card only.

is this legal? What’s the law say on this
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    Yep, you've no right to refund/return if purchase is instore (unless faulty/not fit for purpose etc). Online is different.
  2. _-Richie-_'s avatar
    That's for goodwill refunds if you change your mind, faulty items are covered by your statutory legal rights, which mean you get a full refund by the same means you paid, proof of purchase would be required.
  3. JoShmo's avatar
    Next were doing that 20years ago.
  4. bobdylan's avatar
    Think that's bad, Sports Direct only refund ANY items to a gift card
  5. bozo007's avatar
    The logic is you can inspect items in store, try them on, etc before buying. So unless found faulty later, the store doesn't have to refund.
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    apparently they closed loads of their changing rooms, so even that logic does not hold up. awful company to deal with.
  6. markmc999's avatar
    Yup. In fact they dont even have to offer a refund to a gift card. They are quite within their rights to say 'no refunds at all'.
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