Material Things are NO GOOD!

    A guy just pulled up outside his lawyers firm to show off his brand new topless Jaguar car when suddenly a big lorry came pelting past smashing off his door.

    The man starts screaming and swearing. A while passes and he is still cursing the lorry driver and a police officer turns up. The officer says to the man, "I hate people like you, all you seem to think about is money and materialistic things. Did you not notice that your arm has been ripped off from your body?"

    The man goes, "Oh Damn, my Rolex!"


    good way to get banned with 1st post! lol
    You might want to edit out the swearing... unless it's deliberate :whistling:

    Original Poster

    Thanx for the heads up mate!


    find a picture of a fat cat for your avatar they like cat on here

    i dont they should be shoot

    dogs rule :thumbsup::w00t::whistling:
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