maternity grant

    hi guys,
    i wondered if you could help. there was a section on a free maternity grant for all babies born before April on this web site a few weeks ago and i cant find it !!! My friend is due her baby on April 1st, no, really, and i thought this would cheer her up. Its worth about £200.Thanks to all who read.


    get her to call the jobcentre plus as there are grants etc available it just depends on circumstances - they would be able to tell her, if not then citizens advice know whats available aswell - good luck to her!

    There is this one for people on income support etc.…854

    I believe you mean the healthy eating grant for people who are due on 6 th of april or after. From what i know i think you have to be over 25 weeks pregnant to claim it .

    Its for £190 pound to help the mum eat healthy in the last part of pregnancy. I dont know if she will be entitled to it if she went over due , tell her to talk to her midwife they should know x

    does anyone know how far over the 25 weeks you have untill im 26 weeks but dont see midwife again till im 29 weeks to get form signed is there a dead line i know its ment to be used for healthy eating during last 15 weeks so wasnt sure if there was a dead line ?
    and op i herd someone mentioned the midwife had changed date a couple of days for them so they could claim it maybe your friends midwife will be able to do that


    :shock: A midwife fraudulently filling out a form I doubt it the, NMC … :shock: A midwife fraudulently filling out a form I doubt it the, NMC would have something to say about that, That can't be true.

    i presume it would of been changed on pregnancy notes as well its not uncommonfor the date to change mines been changed 2 times already ( not to do with form im due june )
    not sure how much truth is in it but no harm in asking :-D
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