maternity pay

    Need help with maternity pay. I have returned to work around 3 months ago after being on maternity leave.
    I am now expecting baby number two, will i get maternity pay again?


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    ok ta

    wow, your brave!, lol how olds baby number one ?

    Short answer - yes you will. I did. Didn't make too many friends there though. Good luck with the pregnancy and the baby.

    Wow bet your popular with your work place!

    hi i was in the same boat, yes you do get maternity pay again. i returned to work end of april and was expecting again,i have a 10 and half month old and im 24 weeks pregnant now and i finish work in 4weeks, im taking my leave asap as my employers are not very nice and didnt seem happy with me being pregnant again. they were useless they never did a risk assesment on me first time then only just done one this time, but didnt include me in it so i have no idea what they have done. good luck with your new baby.

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    My lo is 12 and half months and im 13 weeks pregnant.

    Thanks for your help

    glutten for punishment.. lol we waited 5 years between kids... lol
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