Posted 7th Jan 2023
my wife is pregnant and due in March.

we want to do a maternity shoot. any ideas where I can find photographers for this?

any ideas on how much does it usually costs? any tips or advise welcome

my location: UB7
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    OH, that kind of shoot - phew !
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    My cousin has the one and only photograph in existence of me when I was pregnant. What I would give to rip that photo up
    My mother didn't speak to her dad for years because he took a photo of her when she was pregnant.
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    get your lighting and position right, and just keep moving and shooting..

    but I understand you might want more professional shots, sometimes you can find people on instagram, but you also want someone you can put faith and trust in..

    you need to search companies on Yell, then read reviews on trustpilot maybe
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    lol maternity shoot
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    It seems to be an idea imported from the States. I'd just Google photographer and your post code then have a look at their work to see if their style suits what you are looking for.
    I found this in about 30 seconds…ity
    What I can say is don't expect to get a shoot and print for £50 !!
    Already contacted this person. Awaiting response.
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    Have a look on Facebook and online. I had one done 4 years back. Lovely experience and great photos. Think it cost around £200 and we got some photos aswel included. We also paid a little extra to get new born photos done at the same place as I really enjoyed it. (edited)
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    Maternity shoot, is that really a thing
    Can't you photograph her yourself or are you talking about filming the birth?
    I will search on YouTube and look at the tips on how to take good photos. Thanks for the tip.
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    Can you do it yourself? It isn't difficult to get some great photos. But if that isn't a thing then you don't say where you are so none can recommend.
    Updated postcode. That's a good idea...will search on YouTube how to do it.
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    Just go on a local Facebook group and ask for recommendations there