Mathmos Fludium replacement part

    Can anyone help.
    The glass insert that surrounds the bulb in the base of my Mathmos Fluidium Lava Lamp has been broken. I have two toddlers, I'll say no more.
    I have been looking for one for ages. I have already tried the Replacements section at, but could only see an option of buying a whole new base.


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    I've e-mailed them already and I am waiting a reply. I was guessing that they would say I'd need a replacement base. I e-mailed .com will forward to as well. Thanks

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    They've got back to me already - that was quick.

    " Thank you for your enquiry about the Heat Shield for the Fluidium.
    This item you can order throug me if you like maybe by phone. The Heat shield does cost £ 6.50 incl. postage.
    Please contact me by phone if you like on 01202 644 634 and I will be happy to take your order.
    You don't need to purchase a whole new base for it, thankfully!"

    so all ok then ... Results!

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    Yes, I'll order one of these. Still can't believe how quick they replied. I wish I'd e-mailed them earlier - doh

    yeah we have a mathmos too (abt 10 years now and it still works, just in the attic at the mo might take it out for xmas or party). the mathmos shop is actually 'nearer' now within 3 miles, versus the old shop and they've always had good service so far.
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