Maths Problem - Percentage Improvement - Please Help

If i want to calculate a % improvement how would i go about doing that?

my initial figure is 379 and my second figure is 445 and i want to know what the % improvement is.

My maths skills are not great so was hoping someone could help

Thanks in advance




half past ten

its about 17.5%


445/379*100 = 117%

If you want to know what the increase is (i.e. 66) in terms of a percentage gain, it's 17% of 379 or 14.8% of 445.
So I guess the answer is a 17% increase? :P

*edit* Bleh you gits answered before me whilst I was working it out At least I showed my working Brownie points!

it is an increase of 17.41%


I think this is right...

the difference is 66, so you need to work out what 66 is as a % of 379

I 'think' that gives you an improvement of about 17.5%

Old VAT calculation by any chance? lol

Original Poster

nope sheer coincidence!

But thanks for your help everyone, much appreciate and i appreciate showing the calculations

new number / old number x 100 = (???) - 100
445/379=1.1741424 x 100 = 117.41424 - 100 = 17.4124
therefore 17.41424%
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