Posted 11th Jan 2023 (Posted 13 h, 17 m ago)
Hi all,
Happy new year to all.
Can you please guide me which mattress I should chose to not get back pain.

My current one is - Tempur Original New 22cm 6'0 (180x200cm) Super king Size (sorry copied from invoice) bought in 2016 from Warren Evans for £1969. Not me! I bought used from gumtree in 2017 but original owner was kind enough to share the invoice. Couldn't afford to spend £2k for mattress in those days. Still can't but now bit better off. I am 87kg and 5'9".

I get terrible pain in the morning if I don't shift position (left/right side of bed) or not rotate the mattress. Tempur suggests we should never rotate their mattress!

I am thinking of Eve sleep premium hybrid after reading some reviews on -…eme

It is firm mattress. Any suggestions? Thanks
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    Both of the (extremely expensive) mattresses you've mentioned are memory foam - which is often terrible for back pain.

    You want a pocket sprung mattress with high spring count.

    Whether you need a firm one or a softer one, depends on your shape (heavy or light, fat or thin, sticky-out hips or straight down) and in which position you sleep.

    Don't let anyone tell you that they know what firmness of mattress is best for your back pain - it entirely depends on your physical characteristics. Try them out in store, for a long period of time (don't be embarrassed just to lie there!) or order from a company that lets you switch the mattress after a week or two if it doesn't suit you.
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    You're generally better with a softer mattress for back pain contrary to popular belief. 

    Id avoid any foam mattresses and go for a pocket spring with as many springs as you can afford. 

    I've a Sealy Geltex and it's very comfortable......but it isn't cheap  
    Thanks. Reviews on says firmness is not the only criteria and they don't recommend anything specific for backpain.

    do u have a link for Sealy Geltex? (edited)
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    My brother gets back pain and I bought him the silent night 1400 pocket luxury ortho mattress from Argos. It is a firm mattress, which helps to support your back when you are sleeping. It has helped with the pain.
    Thanks a lot. I will try that in showroom if available and read reviews.
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    go in a shop and try some, you spend a lot of time on it, so spend time trying some.
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    If you're a side sleeper a firm bed is not great.

    May be worth a visit to dreams or similar bed shop that has a tester bed that you lay on how you typically sleep and it measures pressure points from you and then recommends a firmness. (edited)
    Thanks. Not a side sleeper. I always sleep on back.
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    You want a mattress that gives support but not rock hard
    So a supportive mattress, with memory foam on the top
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    Otty mattress and pillow. Brilliant.
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    For anyone looking for a relatively cheap very firm mattress (unfortunately they don't make a super-king for the op), Amazon's own brand Alkove mattress has really surprised me. Its pocket spring with a memory foam layer on top, so it lets you sink in a bit, yet holds you. The mattress itself is very heavy which makes tucking bedsheets a bit more of a pain, but personally, I find the bed to be very comfortable and has sorted out my back pain.
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    Reminds me of the quote,

    “Mistress: Something between a mister and a mattress.”. (edited)
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    I have always slept on a hard mattress and I find it gives my body the best support. Soft mattresses don't give much support and you sink into it. Way I see it, the people from South East Asia often choose to sleep on the floor or on a wooden divan instead of a mattress, and so there must be some logic to it!!!
    Many people there sleep on a thin cotton / futon type mattress which itself is on the floor in many homes (very common in the Indian subcontinent). Very few complain of back pain but the levels are increasing with the younger generation who no longer use the traditional mattress.

    In the case of the OP, weight and exercise is also probably playing a role. (edited)
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    Lots of people complaining but I bought this on black friday it's HARD LIKE ROCK! I'm serious!…974

    I had bottom back pain ( started stretching before gym helped a bit) then I thought about changing mattress (was really old) and talked to a professional chiropractic about my pain. Told me if I got no underlying medical conditions I need too look for extra firm /firm mattress.

    First night couldn't get myself comfortable first thought regret I bought it! But somehow woke up in morning NO PAIN!

    Now second month, just love it!

    Ring costco if they got any in shop (most of the time they produce them only when they got an order - silentnight but give it a try)

    Honestly Give it a go! I train on gym 3 times a week but got sitting job (IT) bought sit/sat desk and new bed. Back pain is gone!!
    I have opposite problem and have been told the direct opposite to you.

    If I'm in a hotel or staying elsewhere and bed is firm (sat on a super firm hotel bed as I type) and I never sleep and always wake up in agonising back pain. Soon as I get home order is restored.
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    The one to go for is the one that suits your body shape and sleeping position.

    Unfortunately while there are bad mattresses that suit hardly anyone, there's no such thing as a mattress that suits everyone. You really just need to try them and see what works for you.
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