Found 17th Sep 2008
Hi I know this is random but I moved into my new flat today and the mattress there is so uncomfortable as it is hard and is like has like a weird almost plasticy coating on it. Is there anything like a cover that would make it more soft and less slidy as the sheet keeps coming off?


Look for mattress toppers. Cheapest is around £20 I think. It like a cushion that you put on top of your mattress and sleep on it.

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thanks slash rep added


try one of those memory foam toppers that you see in the sunday news suppliment. Or buy a new matress


If you dont want to spend a lot of money, i would buy a mattress topper. The one above is cheap but there are others if you want to spend a bit more :thumbsup:

£11.99 in Tesco for a decent quilted one. Or £8 for a thin one lol
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