Mattress World - Has anyone ordered from them?

Found 8th Feb 2011
I placed a deal up for this company some time ago and it was taken down from Sigma, reasons given was the company had a bad reputation
Mattress World review: reviewcentre.com/rev…tml

I ordered a Mattress (this was before Sigma had sent me the link to the reviews) on Friday morning and was emailed and called by a rep that I was to receive the item on Monday between 9am-6pm

Yesterday came so I called up the delivery company in which they use namely 'Night Freight' and was told that they had no record of the mattress at the Dundee Depo. I then called the main depo down in Birmingham and they had no record of it.
After reading the reviews it sent alarm bells ringing so I immediately started the ball rolling to cancel the order and to try and get my money back. This morning I had a call from Lucinda (from NF) saying it wasn't the suppliers fault it was theirs, the mattress had gone to Belfast !!!! Anyway the mattress is now heading up to Dundee and will be with me tomorrow at some point ....fingers crossed

Just wanted to ask, after reading the reviews if anyone has had any bad / good experiences with Mattress World or Night Freight for that matter?

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I bought our last mattress off these, had no problem with delivery but the quality of the mattress is rubbish. i wouldn't use them again. paid £499 for an orthopaedic mattress that's lasted 15 months and the springs are through it
Night Freight delivered a bed to me recently and were not good, they broke a picture frame and were supposed to unpack the bed but didn't, even after I spoke to them and said I thought they were supposed to do it. They were supposed to (the bed company paid for the service and were furious) but obviously the guys couldn't be bothered.
Not sure about the bed company though as I used someone else.
Just this min arrived

Very pleased apart from the delivery driver informing me that they weren't supposed to walk up stairs, they are only meant to leave at the door

I live in a flat so that rule is out the window and what happens if delivering to a pensioner!

Mattress is great though, just the one we orders 'Miracoil 3 Silentnight'

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