Maui & Sons Coconut Chips

Found 3rd Sep 2015
I purchased these recently, but cannot remember where I got them! I have tried google to no avail. If anyone knows of a uk supplier I would be very grateful.

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I bought some a couple of weeks ago in Primark of all places.

Yes I saw them in Primark too. Can I just ask, were they tasty?

Original Poster

They were awesome!! I live a long way from primark, I am very disappointed!!

omg, I bought these in Primark too for £1. They taste amazing! Can't find UK supplier online!

bought the coconut chips in home bargains a few months thought they were amazing,haven,t seen them since.Then to my surprise when shopping in primark seen them again and also banana chips and chocolate coconut chips so bought a mixture of ten packets.They also sell cans of coconut water.Happy shopping everybody
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