maxi cosi cabriofix best price

    whats the best price/any vouchers etc at the min for the above in preferably lily pink?


    As you don't mention the age of the child your purchasing for I can't help on the colour your after. But take a peek at BOOTS.COM. They've got up to 20% off some Maxi Cosi seats and when you spend over £45 you get free delivery and if you have an advantage card you can accumulate some serious points too.

    Age has an impact on colour?! (_;)

    It depends on the age because car seats come in 3 different stages.... and car seats differ in colour from stage to stage......educate yourself!! (In the nicest possible way!) :-)

    Isn't there only one Maxi Cosi 'Cabriofix' in different styles (colours)?

    Suitable for baby’s from 0-13 kg / birth until 12 months?

    Just an educated observation, I could be wrong (_;)

    OP - quick search come up with £112.50 from Kiddicare (sku: KC06542), you can also get 4% cashback from Quidco, making it £108.

    Keep looking though!

    Boots £125 - 10% £112.50

    You also get..

    1000 (£10) Advantage card points and 4.5% quidco

    Code is AFPE22
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    they're half price at mothercare when you buy a my choice pushchair…9D8

    Yes you're right! I'll pack my bags now. Didn't notice the CABRIOFIX in the request. Apologies to absolutely everybody on my back. Am I right with the BOOTS.COM 20% discount... ?

    20% off at Boots is only selected pushchairs & accessories.... cant see what OP is after on the list.

    I would have brought one if it was 20% off.

    I try and do my best to help people and I just get hammered for my efforts. rchan, you've smashed my confidence in this whole thing. Clearly you've got far too much time on your hands and I just can't compete with that.
    To Jock187 (compiler of this request) I apologise for clearly wasting your time, my time and for giving rchan more things to fill his/her day with. Good luck to all of you. Only been a member of this site less than a fortnight too.
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