May need to get a tumble dryer - renting one a good option??!!

Good morning HUKD,

If you read another of my awesome threads you'd know that me and my partner are putting the spare rooms in our house up for rent / a house share.

There will be at least 4 of us living here and will, I hope, all be employed and out much of the time. This doesn't leave much time to hang washing out, especially in the winter months where it'll be nigh on impossible, and we don't have storage heaters so drying them by heaters would cost a fortune.

I put a line up in our garden last week but obviously this would only be ideal for this part of the year (wishful thinking)

So I'm thinking we probably need a tumble dryer. I don't know anything about these things except I think they're rather expensive. I know of someone who rents their kitchen appliances from Radio Rentals which is Boxclever now I think... does anyone else do this? What are the going rates per month for renting? Is it worth it? We certainly can't afford to pay a few hundred quid on a dryer just yet.

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks


I think you can get a tumble dryer for around £100 now days? renting will always be the more expensive option in the long run so it depends how long you plan to use it



yeah - buy will always be cheaper than renting unless its short term (6 months). You can get a new one for £100-£150 or £50 second hand (try ebay within 10 miles of postcode).

condensing dryer - more expensive and collects water in container which you pour down the sink

airflow dryer - cheaper and water vapour comes out of external rear pipe which you fit to an outdoor wall or hang out a window.

I got a WHITE KNIGHT air dryer 4 years ago and still works great (£95).

Most important aspect is its energy class rating (A is best) as these consume a huge amount of electricity.

Tumble dryers are cheap to'd even pick one up at a second hand shop for around £40-£50


Whats your postcode?

Yeah buying one is very cheap these days..tiz the running costs that you have to think about as they love to eat up all your electricity very quickly.

Try [url][/url] a recycling website where people usually give away free stuff inc tumble dryers

when me and partner got our first house together we couldnt afford much so we bought a second hand one from the loot. but if you prefer a new one you could buy from a catalogue and pay it off monthly that way after a certain amount of time its yours where as if you rent it will never be yours just a thought.

Have a look at Dixons they start from £88 which is quite good not sure how munch it would be to rent though]http//ww…Yes



]Tumble drier Dixons delivered £88

Cheap price but will cost a lot to run (energy rating D).


Cheap price but will cost a lot to run (energy rating D).

hi csiman ,what is the energy rating ? how do you find out whats what ? :?
I've not heard of this before ...

Original Poster

Cheers all for the replies! Damn it never ceases to amaze me the fast response from everyone on here when you're in need of help on a topic as obscure as a tumble dryer!! I will rep all who've replied.

Lots of links to check out - yeah I will prob avoid renting as it can't be any cheaper than £10/month and we're def gonna be here for at least another year. I guess the advantage is it'll get replaced if it gets messed up, but I'm sure everything new comes with a year or 3 years warranty anyway.

It seems all the cheap ones I've seen on Dixons have energy ratings of "D", then after £160 they go to "C". I guess an A rating machine would cost a lot more £££? Any idea how much a D rating machine would add to the average monthly elec bill if used say a max of 5 times a week?

I will check the recycling sites too, good stuff. Also any local ads or whatever, I wouldn't say no to a free one as we really need to save every penny (uni + rising prices = £0 in the bank!)

Edit: and to whoever asked I'm in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.


avg D class = 2.2kwh so depends what your kwh price is and whether you have economy 7 (not that I suggest you put a tumble dryer on at night lol).

probablty take a max of 2 hours per drying session = 10 hours per week so about 22kwh at say 15p per kwh = £150 per year extra on the electric.

if you have an airing cupboard, put more slatted shelving in it and use that as much as possible. It works remarkably well.

And put some more washing lines up or buy an outdoor rotary airer (argos - £15).

Might as well go for the £88 dixons one (less with quidco).


and search ebay using your postcode and save the search for daily reminders of new auctions.

I got a large chest freezer for a fiver on there last year! The postcode and save search trick is great for finding bargains if you are not in an immediate rush. Let us know how it goes
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