May School Half Term

    Am I right in thinking the May / Summer half term is for one week, with the children breaking up on the 28th of May and returning on the 7th of June?

    I am trying to organise a trip to Alton Towers and have been looking at the week commencing 7th of June but there is no way that will happen if any schools are still on half term because it will be far too busy.

    Those of you with children, can you let me know when your May half term starts and ends?




    Check your local council's website. All dates are on there.

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    Check your local council's website. All dates are on there.

    I have, which is why I know the above dates but not all schools follow the same dates which is why I am asking.

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    May 31st to June 4th here

    Excellent. I am thinking that there won't be any (or very few) school trips to Alton Towers that week seeing as it is the first week back after a half term - so it should be quiet.

    June 1st - June 4th here in Essex.

    mine have ended up with 2 weeks off for some reason that holiday. not complaining though meant we can go on the sun deals for the second week.

    31st to the 4th here too.

    31st to 4th here. Think that particular halfterm is fairly standrad acroos the country as it is dictated by the bank hol. It is the October and Feb half terms that can vary from area to area. And of course the Easter and Summer hols. I work as a teacher in Warwickshire yet live in Leicestershire and when my kids start school they will have quite different holidays to me, even though where I work is under 15 miles from where they go to school. Crazy.
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