Mayflash VGA Adapter

    I am looking to buy the new mayflash VGA adapter that just came out on the 29th May, a couple of days ago.

    I can only find it on Play Asia's website for £25, which is fine but I am afraid of getting stung by importing tax/ customs duty.

    I can't find it for sale anywhere else or in the UK.
    I can only find the old version, but Id rather have the new one.
    Is there a way that I won't be charged customs?
    Can one of you help me find one elsewhere?
    Ill appreciate any help.


    Original Poster

    Here is a pic:

    Here is a link to the item on mayflash's site:

    The ]rule is, anything imported from a non-EU country under £18 is free from any VAT & duty, anything where the duty would be under £7 is ignored (for duty, you just pay VAT if applicable).

    As it's a bit borderline they may just let it go, but YMMV.

    So at worst you'll be charged VAT on £25 (£4.37) + the Post Office collection fee.

    More info ]here (it's about buying from the USA but applies to all non-EU countries).
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