Maykway curry sauce

Found 22nd Mar 2012
I was visiting a friend in Liverpool recently and he made us a curry from this Maykway curry mix he got from Asda,i love it and bought 3 tubs to bring back home to Somerset,ive run out now and unfortunatley its not available in my local asda,i was wondering is this a regional thing or only available up North or what?

So please if anybody has seen it in any Asda in the southwest id be greatful if you let me know.in fact has anyone seen it outside liverpool??

I must have it!!i love it ....
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Google shopping links[/quote]

from what ive seen the product costs ,£1.35 on ebay plus 1.95 shipping.dont really want to pay that much.

ive been told if i order it from asda locally they will just replace it with somthing else because it wont be available.

some of those links of yours say free delivery but only over £30 on closer inspection,

thank for your suggestion though
Why don't you ask your friend to post some to you
Isit that good? will try this if see it in my asda.
is it like the chinese curry pastes you buy on ebay? maysan etc

is it like the chinese curry pastes you buy on ebay? maysan etc

yeah dug a little deeper and turns out it is it is made by Maysan.

Maysan website here

and store locater here

store locater

nearest one to me is poole

think i'll do as suggested and get some by post,


Isit that good? will try this if see it in my asda.

i like it ,about 6 different varieties and makes a nice thick tasty curry really easily,probably stuffed full of msg though
I got forced to try this at the weekend. It's actually quite nice, and you can make a delicious Chinese style chicken curry with it.

My local butchers near Llandudno sell it for a pound a tub - bargain!
just wish there was a similar tikka massala tub, have tried loads but they all taste rank, i like a nice sweet curry, the jars and tubs/paste are too sour/vinegary
Hi, I'm from Liverpool and was brought up on this curry. Your right, they do it in Asda but only in Liverpool, it's a regional thing. I have been down south for 25yrs and I have tried everywhere down South. So I either order of amazon in bulk or my friend from Liverpool brings some over when she visits. I Love it, quick and easy to make. Even my Southern hubby likes it! Good
Are there any Asian supermarkets near you, i'm sure they would stock this item.
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