Mazda 6 - Key Fob Help Pls

Found 2nd Dec 2009
Heya Everyone,

I have a keb fob which has recently broke
One day it just stopped working, i knew the battery wasnt dead as there is a light on the key that lights up when you press a button, also I have tested the battery and it works fine. Anyways just to be safe I got a new battery and stuck it in there, still no joy.

I went around some fourms and found that I need to sync the fob up with the car, I found some procedures on how to do this and did this. However the Key acts like its broken, as it doesnt snyc up with the car.

I have taken the car to Mazda (for a service) and told them about the problem about the key, they pretty much did the same procedure I found on the net and told me I need a new key and fob which will cost around £150.

Just want to know if I bought a key & fob from ebay, can I just put my key bit in the fob.. (see pic below for what I mean)

Thanks to all that reply, rep awaits for helpfull ppl.

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If it makes sence, I would like to buy the fob part, here:!BgDpwq!BWk~$(KGrHqEH-EEEsL(4sNOvBLDuB8GrUQ~~_12.JPG

and then put my key part ontop of it.
Does thhis make sence? lol.

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