Mazda RX8 - any owners have an opinions?

Found 16th Mar 2009
I'm very interested in getting rid of my N reg STi scooby and 'upgrading' to a new car as he is beginning to get a bit doddery. I only want to spend about £5-6 grand on my next car including the money I would make from selling the impreza. At the moment I am very interested in the RX8's as for around the price range I am looking at there seem to be some really nice fairly low mileage examples (farily low mileage being under 50k).

Are there any owners out there with any opinions on them? I know they are petrol and oil thirsty but thats no different from my current car! Them not being economical isn't a concern as I get travel expenses from work. I am really just interested in what people think of them as cars. Are they fun to drive, reliable etc
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Have a read through this, you might find some useful pointers :thumbsup:…x8/
thanks guys, i'll have peruse of them now as I've nowt else to do at work

Not great in to knowledge of cars and how they work, lol, just buy what i like! :-D

But, i do have an RX-8, and think its great. Had it for 3 years now, has generally been reliable, and my only 'off-putting points' to anyone would be the fual expenses etc. As you say though, you will be aware of these.

I had one problem with my car after a recalled part was 'fixed' however, and Arnold Clark accepted responsibilty. Basically an oil pipe broke or something, lost all oil on the motorway, doing about 60mph, spun 180, parked on hard shoulder facing wrong way, and need replacement engine! Eventually all went through ok, warranty job, albeit car out of warranty, lol!

As i say, was part they replaced, which failed, hence why they 'finally' accpeted responsibility!

That is nout to do with RX-8 though, more the fookers that are Arnold Clark.

Apart from that, and odd bump (been hit twice :-( ), touch wood, been ok.

One thing i would say though, is wintery conditions, AIN'T ideal, lol! Don't have to be much snow etc about, and car WILL struggle! Recently, found myself ****** a couple of times, car sliding etc, and basically undriveable.

All in all though, i would receommend! :thumbsup:

Before RX-8, i had Fiat Uno :whistling: lol, Megane Coupe, and Mini Cooper S. So, dunno if i'm just comparing to these, and others may not recommened, compared with other cars, i dunno! :-D
400 quid car tax.

hubby had it for a couple years...sold it a year ago because he does long runs on motorway to ad from work and was not comfortable.... hubby does work hard and i guess needed a smoother ride...

anyways apart from obvious that ots petrol and oil thristy...ts a lil slippy any sporty car i guess.... actually my hubby said it was.... maybe thats an excuse for his driving?! haha...but seriously the car is very good lookin.... and the doors are a real head turner.... its a very fast id defo reccomend it!
Thanks R0N4LD. Which RX8 have you got? The only real downers do seem to be the petrol and oil consumption which doesn't bother me. Really tempted to get one as there isn't really much else that I like for around £6k. If only I had another few thousand it would open a whole new world of cars
Also, how much faster (acceleration wise) would this be than a 13 year old sti impreza?
Sorry, just seen your reply.

Mine is the standard model, Feb 04, not Nemesis or nout, and is the 231 bhp version.

Seen post saying car was not comfy, but wouldn't agree, lol! Regarding price range etc too, would deffo agree, and fact you are used to having more expensive running costs, isn't really a factor either then.

Another plus is the car is spacious for FOUR people! PLENTY of room for back seat passengers too, unlike nearly all other sports cars, in my opinion. Back doors allow for easier access etc too, child seats fit fine (don't have any kids btw, lol, g/f's nephew :thumbsup:), low down seats in front, sports seats, leather, heated, drivers seat is electric, dash is nice, lights up etc, as does gear stick, etc etc. Just wee novelties, but add to appearance.

Great sound system too. Bose, which apparently was tuned specifically to the degree of if car had cloth or leather interior etc. So decent effort went in to it. 6 CD changer, built in to front, and so on.

Great car, for price even better, and as long as running costs don't put you off, i'd deffo go for it!:thumbsup:

Can't comment on speed with regards to your Impreza, but obviously newer Impreza's have greater Bhp and so on. What i would say though, car is plenty fast for whats needed, power is there if required, handles weel, when wet maybe need to be bit more careful, as with all cars though, and already said about snowy conditions. If you want a car to race Subaru's etc, maybe won't win lol, but in my opinion, would hold its own, as only so far you'd get without getting pulled anyway, haha! :-D

In my opinion though, its got more class than an Impreza too, for Joe Public looking at it, and doesn't look bammy, as we say in Scotland! :-D…612

What's Good
Four seater, four door rotary engined coupe. Has a similar transmission tunnel backbone design to the previous RX7 twin turbo. It remains rear wheel drive. And, with its very small 1,308cc twin rotary engine set slightly lower and further back, it has perfect 50:50 weight distribution. New RENESIS rotary engine in Euro emissions spec develops 231PS at 8,500rpm and 211Nm (156lb ft) torque at 5,500rpm or 192PS and 211Nm (162lb ft) torque at 5,000rpm. Six-speed manual gearbox. Low UK prices of £21,995 for 231PS and £19,995 for 192PS. Spec includes ABS with 17" discs and EBD; driver, passenger and side curtain airbags; DSC and TCS; 18" alloy wheels; front fogs; climate control and BOSE 9m speaker sound system with 6 CD autochanger. In addition, 240PS versiopn gets Xenon gas discharge headlights and an alloy pedal set. Length: 4,435mm; width: 1,771mm; height 1,340mm; weight: 1,300kg. Extras include leather power seats ay £1,200; satnav at £1,500; electric slide and tilt sunroof at £500 and metallic paint at £300. Most unusual feature: back hinged rear doors allowing excellent access to the rear seats, particularly useful for chucking a coat or briefcase in there. 3rd top marque in 2004 J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Survey. Modified exhaust system from Borla frees up a bit more power at £460 + VAT from [url][/url]

February 2006: 500 Evolve Special Editions basd on 231PS in one of two exclusive colours: Copper Red Mica or Phantom Blue Mica, unique dark silver 18 x 8J alloy wheels, a polished aluminium Rotary crest on the front air dam, dark silver bezel headlamps, sports door mirrors, polished aluminium side air outlet fins, stylish Rotary branded B-pillar trims, chrome exhaust surrounds and ‘Evolve’ badging, unique stone leather and Alcantara® sporty seat trim, plus black leather wrapped steering wheel, gear knob and hand-brake lever. Price same as 231 at £23,900.

June 2006: 800 Prodrive developed PZ version of RX8 231PS, 480 in Brilliant Black and 320 min Galaxy Grey. Lowered ride height, Eibach uprated coil springs and dampers, unique 18" OZ alloys, special rear spoiler, special rear tailpipes. Sharper, more track-day friendly RX8 feels very 'connected' on the road and can give you the impression you're going more quickly than you really are. £29,995. Group 17E insurance not to bad.

September 2006: 'Nemesis’ special edition based on 192PS 5-speed with unique paint colours leather interior trim and an extras pack for £22,995.

December 2007: To celebrate 40 years since Mazda launched its first rotary powered car, the Mazda Cosmo Sport back in 1967, Mazda is releasing a strictly limited number of the Mazda RX-8 40th Anniversary Limited Edition. 400 available in the UK, priced at £24,595 (on-the-road), each identified by its own unique number.

RX8s have proved themselves to be reliable in long distance endurance racing.

RX-8 refreshed for 2008 with slightly lower gearing to make 9,000rpm more attainable and give sharper acceleration. Same 231PS.

Refreshed RX-8 R3 launched July 2008. New front bumper, front grille, intake ducts, headlamps, front fender designs, LED rear lamps and a redesigned rear bumper with larger exhaust pipes (now 90 mm in diameter). New designs for the car’s alloy wheels have distinctive spokes that resemble the engine’s rotor; and four new exterior colours are added. New interior trim materials add improved quality and feel. A new BOSE® audio system is also introduced. The twin-rotor RENESIS rotary engine continues – with 205ps or 231ps power, (depending on market, 231ps not available in the UK) – now evolved to deliver even more sports car driving fun.

Road test at [url]…htm?id=86[/url]

More at [url][/url]

Helpsite and club [url][/url]

Enthusiastic dealer [url][/url] has stocks of independently imported automatics and left hand drives.

Last updated 22-7-2008
What's Bad
Must check oil every second fill of petrol, but actually uses no more than many conventional cars.

Recommended oil Dexelia ultra 5W-30 semi synthetic.

Car must NEVER be started then shut down without reaching full operating temperature or petrol washout will harm rotor seals. Car must not be used for short runs from cold. CO2 284g/km, so Group G VED (£300pa 2007/8; £400pa from 2008).
What to Watch Out For
On very early 2003 cars, lower suspension arm ball joint and/or entire arm can fail so make sure recall work below has been carried out.

Make sure a heat shield has been installed between exhaust pipe and plastic fuel tank (particularly important on independent imports which also means ALL automatics).

Apparently, if the car is stationary for a long time with the revs running high the exhaust ports of the engine can melt, resulting in red hot molten metal shooting into the cat converter, spiking it.

Have been some early clutch failures, after as little as 11,500 miles. New clutch £940 and unlike original clutches apparently warranted for 2 years or 24k miles.

Pipe from oil cooler corrodes, leading to severe oil leak and a seized engine.

Water gets into the self levelling Xenon headlight electrics and replacing both is quotes at £1,501.54.

Anti roll bar links can fail after 3 years.

Cats also prone to failure if the car has either been over-revved or driven short runs from cold (£1,011.31 at Mazda prices).
7-5-2004 (build 28-7-03 to 29-8-03): Possible cracking of dynamic damper heat insulator. 10-8-2005 (build 28-7-2003 to 27-12-2003) Cracks may occur in lower suspension arm (check exact VINs on Recalls Database). 10-8-2005 (build 28-7-03 to 1-7-2005): Possible fuel leak (check exact VINs on Recalls Database). (TSB to fit heat shield between exhaust system and fuel tank) 28-8-2006 news from the USA that ALL RX-8's to be recalled in order that (where necessary*) new engines to be fitted free of charge.
I have a small oil leak ( sitting all night 2 quarter size drops). It smells like manual gear box oil. Where is this leak likely to be coming from, and how expensive would the repair likely to be?It's an 04 rx8 6sp manual (120,00 miles).
If you do get a RX8, prepare to adapt your driving style, I have a twin turbo sti forester, and the missus has a 350Z, very different cars to drive especially in the rain.

If you do get a RX8, prepare to adapt your driving style, I have a twin … If you do get a RX8, prepare to adapt your driving style, I have a twin turbo sti forester, and the missus has a 350Z, very different cars to drive especially in the rain.

Did you notice this thread is nearly 2 years old? Hopefully the OP has made his mind up by now! lol Thread was resurected by the person above you.

Did you notice this thread is nearly 2 years old? Hopefully the OP has … Did you notice this thread is nearly 2 years old? Hopefully the OP has made his mind up by now! lol Thread was resurected by the person above you.

Cant say I did ah well the OP either went for an RX8 and ended up in a ditch or is enjoying the ride
OP ended up keeping the impreza and then getting a T reg focus ghia! So much for me getting something nice! Hehe oh, and thanks for the thread resurrection! :-)
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