mazuma cheque not arrived! EXPIRE

    i sold nokia n97 for £235, cheque was posted on THURSDAY but still not arrived, what should i do?, im really worried.

    could this be down to postal strikes etc, never too this long for cheque to arrive before.


    Have you already sent out the phone?

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    Have you already sent out the phone?

    phone was sent, they confirmed they recieved it and sent the cheque on thursday.

    Royal Mail postal strike...

    We've not had any post since Thursday, just realised you meant you'd sold it to a mobile phone company.

    Maybe contact them and let them know but I'd imagine they'll just say it was the strike, did they send it out using special delivery?

    just wait...surely they will send another cheque if need be as they can just cancell the other one (if it is lost)

    ask them to send another cheque to you

    Probably be the strikes- Mazuma are pretty good though they issued me with a second cheque when one went missing.

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    thanks guys, just arrived as we speak, pheeew, thank GOD


    thanks guys, just arrived as we speak, pheeew, thank GOD

    Did god deliver it?:)

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