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    I've got a Nokia N95 i was looking to sell and have seen the name on here a few times so was wandering if anyone has any experience with them ?

    They quote on their site a price of £85 which to be honest is close on the minimum i'd want for it but if there's a chance they just counter offer at summer a lot less due to silly reasons then i don't see the poing bothering with them.

    The phone meets all their requirement, works perfectly infact, but has a few nicks where i had a plastic cover on and the clips very slightly rubbed away some of the silver paint stuff.

    Any info would be gratefully received.

    Many thanks



    I got £105 for it for 12 months ago so that is a good price to be honest...

    as long as it works, marks and scuffs really dont matter. Ive sent them really battered phones and still got the price agreed

    i got £140 of argos vouchers for mine, it was the 8gb version though.

    I've never used Mazuma Mobile, but I had no problems with Envirofone. The phone I sold had a number of light surface scratches, small chips and looked a little worn, and they still gave me a cheque for their highest price. I'm pretty sure that if they dispute the condition and offer you a smaller amount, you can just ask for them to return the phone.


    used them loads of times good company send your phone recorded or special delivery to be safe every time i have sent one off received a cheque within two days

    yeah i have a few times no problems got cheque within a couple of days

    I sold a N95 to them a while back for £100, and it was a bit battered.

    They accepted it, no problem.

    Original Poster

    Blimey never expected so much response and so quick too.
    Cheers guys, just gonna stick it in the valuer sites now but think Mozuma sounds pretty good.

    Thanks again !!

    Another vote for them here - no probs experienced.
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