McDonalds Big Mac Sauce Pots launch Feb 12th for just 50p (Limited time)

Posted 23rd Jan
Mc Donalds selling pots of Big Mac Sauce in 50ml pots for 50p from 12th Feb…785
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A limited run of the dipping pots will go on sale on 12 February, and are expected to get snapped up quickly.

The sauce will come in 50ml pots and will cost 50p each, with a seven-day shelf life - not that they'll last that long, I'm sure.

While they'll be available 24 hours a day, once they're gone, they're gone, meaning you'll probably have to act fast if you want to nab some for yourself.

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Thanks for posting @Brando1 - added some info and updated title


Wish they would sell the curry sauce
In North America you can buy bottles of it from the local Walmart. Hopefully they’re testing the idea over here too.
I'm from Canada and over there they've been giving away sachets of the stuff on request for decades. I can see charging for a full bottle but they shouldn't be charging for what they give away free in other markets
Tight wads.
Isn't it just cheap thousand island sauce?
matt345412/02/2020 04:43

Isn't it just cheap thousand island sauce?

At 50p for 50ml it isnt
Guess won't be able to get this for free anymore by just asking for a pot of big mac sauce
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