Mcafee.anti virus..any good deals ??

Found 15th Jan 2009
hi anyone know of any deals on this anti virus..dos,nt have to be multi user, one is ok..hopefully a cd version..thanks in advance..
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Why not use free AVG, I'm sure there was a good deal on the upgraded version on here too. -…all
not sure if this link still works, here's the key too 8MEH-REDSL-7ETEC-ULA8R-EAOKL-4EMBR-ACED
Anyone I know thats had McAfee, have got viruses that it didn't pick up. I think the free AVG is better, as the poster above said. When I use that along with free Comodo firewall, I get no viruses or anything on my computer.
I've been using AVG for the last 6 years and touch wood never a a virus yet. I'd recommend it.
i been with mcafee 2 years an think its very good no problems
avg allways for some reason picks up my cookies as virus for some reason? but alot of ppl i know do use it cuz its free
ok thanks for the above, as its for a friend, they have a new pc with a free short term use of mcafee, thing is to install the avg..will it load up easy ? will we have to erase the mcafee when it runs out, which is,nt to far away ? how do we get rid of it ? just in the remove, install box on the pc , etc ??? thanks in advance.
If you need to uninstall it go to this link - there is a free tool which will remove it for you-…tml
Another good prog is [url][/url] :thumbsup:
Used it for years.
thanks for that, think we will have a go..mart..

Another good prog is [url][/url] :thumbsup:Used it for years.

+1 - avast is my choice too
If you are an HSBC customer , you can download Mcafee AV for free from their site.The license is valid for one year
Like previously mentioned - Avast. Sits quietly in the background and does its job. Plus free.
the porter;4084216

avast without a doubt :avast has updated your database:

*American Accent* "virus database has been updated". Ah, good old Avast

*American Accent* "virus database has been updated". Ah, good old Avast

yeah its this one! and its the steven hawking voice man... he knows his sheet! if he says its been updated then its been updated DAMMIT!

I use nod32 now... used to use avast
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