McDonalds - add bacon to your Double Cheeseburger for 40p

LocalFound 9th Aug
I was in McDonald’s using their self service terminals, and whilst removing the onion from my cheeseburger I notice they’ve now enabled further customise options to your burger.

Add bacon for 40p and you’ve got yourself a £1.89 bacon double cheeseburger, result!
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Hi, I've moved this to Misc as it's more of an info post. Hope that helps!
my double cheeseburger with bacon was 1.99#
Ohhhh nice! Thanks for that!
Dang why do I have this info. Means I'm going to have to visit there now
Noticed this a few weeks ago, but since trying the BBQ Chicken BLC (£1.49) I haven't bought a double cheeseburger since!
The bacon is poor. I love the Big tastey and opt for without every time.
Their bacon is absolutely disgusting...the breakfast bacon however is much better..wonder if you could ask for that...
Any option for a decent burger patty?
Ive been doing this for the past 2 years! Adding it to a big mac is nice too.

But yes the bacon isn’t the best.
McDonald is so grim, tastes like no other food
How much do you have to pay on top for them to actually cook the bacon?
On Uber eats you can add ketchup and extra Big Mac sauce to a Big Mac for free and it’s awesome.

Loads of custom options on the app and most are free
whelan1892 h, 45 m ago

McDonald is so grim, tastes like no other food

That's cos it isn't food.
whelan18910 h, 20 m ago

McDonald is so grim, tastes like no other food

Food doesn’t go bad for a long time after it’s expiry date too, it naturally degrades the same way although a bit faster like plastic does.
davewave9th Aug

Any option for a decent burger patty?

How do you know that is her name
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