McDonalds Food for thoughts vouchers coming up as already used when they aren’t?

Posted 10th Jun 2022
On 3 separate occasions I have had my £1.99 Big Mac and fries voucher challenged because they’ve apparently already been used. The first 2 times I considered that maybe I had got mixed up, but today I did the survey just before I arrived and it said that the code has already been used. Completely impossible!

Is anyone else experiencing this?
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    See my comment on this previous discussion, presumably if the code is present on your app you can use it to pay on the app.…973
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    For years and years i have been using this but recently they are not storing in my app the last 3 codes i have tried ro save them to my app and they just vanish then i cant redeem them as it says they have been claimed
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    Worked for me last week!
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    I've experienced this again tonight.
    I asked why my voucher did not work and was given a random number in response. I again asked what this number response was and neither McDonald's manager could tell me what the rejection was for. a angry couple of customers behind me started abuse towards me as they felt I held up the service. They continue to abuse me even after they were served as I'm still asking why McDonald's food for thought QR code wouldn't work. This was a awful experience at McDonald's especially as McDonald's security was stood and watched as this happening. Left without any food feeling threatened abused and embarrassed...
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    I’m sorry to hear that mate.

    I’ve been using the app to record the survey codes in for a while now and I’ve had ~90% success rate. I always go in preparing to have to pay full price to be honest. So I consider it more of a £2.50 offer to take into account the times it does not work.
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