Mcdonalds Monopoly Back (1 in 4 wins) + HMV Vouchers (Can Be Used Online) on ALL....…jpg…me/ Website

    Starting 28th March...

    Hundreds of prizes to be won + HMV Vouchers on all Large Fries, Large Soft Drinks, Premium salads, Toasted Deli Sandwiches and Chicken Selects!

    HMV Voucher Terms And Conditions

    1. HMV Vouchers are issued as stated in 3.2 above. 2. HMV Voucher valid at any HMV store in the UK, Isle of Man and Channel Islands or by logging onto and entering the unique
    claims-code on each HMV Voucher from 28th March 2007 until midnight 31st May 2007. 3. Varying minimum spend requirement applies. The type of discount-offer provided by the HMV Vouchers
    and the corresponding minimum spend requirement for that type, will be one of the following; £8.99 or more to get £1 off, £9.99 or more to get £2 off, £15 or more to get £3 off, £20 or more to get
    £5 off, £30 or more to get £20 off and £70 or more to get £50 off. 4. No purchase necessary see below. 5. Only one HMV Voucher can be used per transaction, whether in-store or online; HMV
    Vouchers redeemed in-store will be retained and, once the code on a HMV Voucher is submitted online, that code will cease to be valid. 6. HMV Voucher/claim code cannot be used with any other
    promotion, coupon or discount. 7. HMV Voucher/claim code can only be used at time of purchase and cannot be used retrospectively. 8. Exclusions: HMV Voucher/claim code is not valid against
    purchases of electronic gift cards, gift vouchers, e-gift certificates, event tickets, online digital downloads (except pre-paid digital subscription cards purchased at an HMV store), nor against cost of any
    postage/packing and/or gift wrapping charges where applicable. The £1 off, £2 off and £3 off HMV Vouchers cannot be used to purchase Apple hardware and the £5 off, £20 off and £50 off HMV
    Vouchers cannot be used to purchase any games consoles, games bundles and any other electronic hardware (e.g. digital music players). 9. Photocopied, damaged or defaced HMV Vouchers will not
    be accepted. 10. HMV Vouchers are not transferable/assignable. 11. Normal HMV and terms of purchase and HMVs Standard Returns Policy apply. See in-store or online at
    for details. 12. See above for details of eligibility.


    i suppose you'll also be able to win more mcdonalds food.... any other prizes?

    Original Poster


    Notice the food prizes feature thrice... :giggle:


    Notice the food prizes feature twice... :giggle:

    Thrice surely?:whistling:


    Thrice surely?:whistling:

    did i say twice? don't think so :giggle:

    aparently their first food prize is worth more than a house..... that must be a lot of food

    Original Poster

    starts today

    Wouldnt eat there if you paid me dont care what you can win

    Woo Hoo!
    Won a Big Mac today! The house will be mine tomorrow!!

    I will be a fat f*ck come the end of April I'm sure, hopefully the house will have an easilly removeable wall so that I can get carried out by a crane, like they do to people on Jerry Springer!

    won a big mac, mcflurry and got a few houses CHING CHING !!
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