McDonald's monopoly game back on 18/03/09…tml

mods, if in wrong section, please move.x


maybe we can do a HUKD syndicate? lol

which are the rare pieces anybody know

Hey guys - Yep its on. Buy large meals for 2 tokens btw.

Lots of stuff up for grabs. Happy eating.

The rare pieces are as follows:


Liverpool ST Station

Bond Street

Coventry Street


Marlborough Street

Northumberland Avenue

Euston Road

Old Kent Road

went yesterday got 2 lg meals so 8 stickers 4 hmv got 5 streets not rare ones 3 instant wins sundree, apple bag and hot drink and 3 £1 hmv and 1 £2 hmv not bad really like the instant wins dont stand a big chance of winning a main prize has anybody won one before

Did you get that from yahoo or digitalspy?

if any1 has any spare peices ib am looking for probly the same as every one else
Liverpool station
Bond st
coventry st
Marlebone St
Northumberland Ave
Pentonville road

I have the 'Pentonville road' ... ...

has anyone actually heard of winning any of the prizes from the last time??? :?
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