MCDONALDS Monopoly NOWTV Pass gives a WEEK of SkySports!

Found 16th Apr
Just in case this has passed anyone by...

If you win an instant win NOWTV Pass in McDonald’s and redeem it and pick sports, it gives you a WEEK pass worth £12.99.

Seems well worth it to me!
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Thanks for the heads-up @sheriddj01
I've moved this over to misc
This is true, won a couple myself and both sports passes were a week long. Plus the 10 Spares promo has a day pass! I will have quite a bit of free football now, though it's a shame Monopoly ends so close to the end of the PL season (guess I'll wait until next season instead).
Yep I won one last week and found this out earlier today when checking my email (finding this out today has made my day). Nothing worthwhile on Sky Sports for the next few months atm so will save it up (plus I have a day pass from the McDonalds code submission thing already saved on my Now TV account anyways), once you claim through mcdwin.co.uk the expiry date on these week passes to put on the Now TV Account is 31st December so you don’t have to apply it now.
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Won the instant win now tv and sky box , opted for the sky sports for a year, definitely worth the most too
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