McDonald's Monopoly Online Game

Found 15th Apr
Has anyone one anything online? If so, please share how. I have entered countless codes but have won nothing. Thanks!
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I know someone who won, so it's not fake. It's more likely that you win if you enter in the middle of the night since there are less people entering per minute (because there are two random winning moments per minute).

Bear in mind that, given the amount of people who enter this, it's not super easy to win, though it is possible.
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Must have entered about 30 codes now. No wins
I won a £20 Cex voucher on the first day of Monopoly at around 2.30pm. First win I’ve had and I’ve always entered codes in previous years.
It's a game of chance. Do you really need that explained further?
someone wins just not me
I won a fiver, had the option of either it being deposited into my bank via a transfer, or get sent a pre paid Mastercard. I opted for the bank transfer, which is yet to show.
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