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Found 5th Feb 2016
Just interested for someone else, what do McDonalds pay 16 year olds, is it NMW of about 3.60 per hour, or do they actually pay more?

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For 16 - 17 year olds working in McDonald's company owned restaurants, … For 16 - 17 year olds working in McDonald's company owned restaurants, employees start on £4.25 per hour... The pay rates may vary in franchised restaurants.…tml

Last updateday 2011, so no good.
You can go in and ask the manager, they should be able to tell you!
I worked there when I was 16 and was only a couple ago, it will be the national minimum wage which considering the amount of work you actually do is nowhere near enough, think when I started I was on £4.35 might have changed now though
Get a job in a local Chippy or something. I was getting a fiver an hour at 16 whilst at school still
I suppose that's why it's always young people working there, I was thinking that there will be a bias to under 25's in jobs soon with the living wage coming into effect soon.
You cannot say that it will be the minimum wage. Franchisees can pay their staff whatever they want, as long as it is, or is above, the minimum wage. Generally I believe that actual McDonald run stores pay their staff better. You can't tell what you will be paid because of this.
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