Posted 28th May 2021
Been using this for years without issue, more times than I can count, and was only ever asked for the receipts twice;

Go to a McDonalds self service screen:

1) Go to self service screens

2) Select 'I have a voucher' usually in top right of screen. 3) On the next screen press 'enter code manually' which is in bottom right corner of the screen. 4) Type in '236457 + 2 more digits (see next) and enter.

All codes start with 236457 then...

Add- 45 for Quarter Pounder + fries
Add - 14 for Big Mac or Chicken + fries
Add - 76 for Double Cheeseburger + fries
Add - 52 for Fillet o fish or Nuggets + fries
Add - 38 for Big Mac/ Chicken with drink.

5) Now you have chosen your sandwich choice, check out and pay.

6) When you get receipt, use your pen and scribble on ANY 5 digit numbers on the survey. Any work, the staff never check and you don't even need to do the requested survey.

But tried yesterday after not visiting for a while and got 'code not recognised' on all of them.

Have they stopped this or changed the codes?


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