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McDonalds tartar sauce

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Posted 10th Nov 2010
It's past 3am and I've been scouring online for somewhere we can buy the tubs of mcdonalds tartar sauce (the ones they use on their fillet fish meals)

As the meals aren't suitable for us we cannot just buy the meals to relieve our urges. Yes we are major fans of the fillet meals

In the past we had a mcdonalds e'ee sell us the tartar sauce - as my kids love the stuff (sorry I do too!!!). But they have told us now they can't get hold of them as easily

The tubs are used for that day then binned even if they are unopened (or so Ive been told). The employee would then sell them to me for peanuts!

My post is to ask is there anyone out there who can sell me these tubs of mcdonalds tartar sauce. Im willing to collect if not too far from Slough, reading, Windsor etc ...

Our horde of sauce has now depleted and we need more, so can anyone help???
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