McDonald's Triple Play Monopoly Is Back

Found 19th Mar 2011
Its back starting on wednesday...

Price is £3.49 just because its the price of the value meal...

Anyone on here won anything decent in previous years?
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Wheres the deal?
Maybe should be in competitions or misc?

Wheres the deal?

at mcdonalds on wednesday... i forgot to click the comps tab, sorry...
Edited by: "Bluimp" 19th Mar 2011
someone i worked with won a 2 week holiday to cuba 3 years ago in camberwell (south london) macdonalds. apart from that the only thing i seen people win is more food....
I've won lots of free food. Hey, free food is free food! I'm not complaining, I love these comps.
Moved to misc this is classed as a heads up.
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