McDonalds Vouchers, glitch? Vouchernapped?

Posted 1st Apr 2022
The other day I went into McDonalds to use 2 vouchers for £1.99 Big Mac and Fries you get from doing the survey online. I hadn't used the new ones but have used the old style ones where you write the number on the receipt.

I had the voucher codes printed out, I used the big touchscreen to input the code as I didn't know how to scan (and only one had the QR code as the one that went to my email didn't display correctly) I put in the code on the screen and pressed the enter button right at the bottom (took a few seconds to find it) and it came up saying something like (paraphrasing) "That code has already been used" I typed it in a few more times but same thing

So I tried the second code and typed it in quicker and for a split second I saw what looked like a Big Mac on the screen then it was gone and I was back to the menu. Then tried to put in the code again and it just said it had already been used.

So I just walked out, I noticed someone on the screen behind me, it looked like he was doing something then went to the starting menu as I walked past, I just glimpsed it. Is it possible he looked at my screen and input the same code I did then pressed enter quicker than me then put the big mac and fries in his basket and essentially stole my codes? Or can you input these codes in the app? So someone else standing nearby input my code into their phone? I had definitely not used these codes before, one I had go to my email address and the other I just chose print so that one wasn't even saved anywhere else.
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