McLeish gone!

    Alex McLeish has quit as Scotland manager, could possibly be heading to Brum. Mega blow for Scots football??? Be stunned if he moves to Birmingham. Who do you Scots want to replace him? and who do you think would. I hear the ex-England head coach is out of work, perhaps you could persuade him. Gordon Strachan would be my choice. But would he leave Celtic? Best time to nab him now out of season so Celtic have the chance to replace him.


    brum or derby?

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    If he goes to Brum, they got a cracking deal. Got rid of that fat knacker and plastic Geordie bruce + compo+ got a far better manager.

    It appears to be Birmingham if the rumours are true..... nice pay rise too, 350k a year to 1mill a year (if the contract rumours are also true)

    Im not sure about the replacement... as long as its not another berti

    another ex-Rangers manager goes running from the Scotland job for the lure of club football, and not one word of criticism from the Scottish press :whistling:
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