MDA Compact II (black/charcoal)?

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Found 12th Sep 2006
Somehow I am extremely unlucky with my wife's TMobile account. First, her MDA was stolen. Then I bought her an SDA and she dropped it to water. Three months went and so are two not-so-cheap phones.... Anyway, rant over

I want to buy her an MDA again (some of you would call me an idiot, which is exactly how I feel now) so I need to find the very best deal possible.
These things don't come cheap so the it looks like that an easiest way is to buy it on Relax 20. In which case I'll pay 20 quid for phone + 20 quid/month x12 (ouch!).

1. If I'll take another TMobile contract - do I have to make calls using that number?
2. Do they (T-Mobile) allow two contracts per customer?

3. Can someone find better deal for this phone?


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Few available at T-mobile


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Thanks edi. It looks like T-Mobile is the cheapest source of those things.

TMobile will allow you to add a second (or third) number to an account. A friend of mine has three numbers (hers, husband's and kid's) all on the one bill.

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Hoorray! The water-dropped SDA is back to life!
So I don't need a new phone.

Thanks for help guys!


Hoorray! The water-dropped SDA is back to life!So I don't need a new … Hoorray! The water-dropped SDA is back to life!So I don't need a new phone. :DThanks for help guys!

it will fail ultimatley I would think.

If liquid has penetrated the phone and PCB it will ultimatley corrode and become "BER" under warranty

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Well.. I do not expect it to last forever but if it'll work for a couple of months then I'll be more than happy.
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