me again..struggling with anything remotely technical....

ok.... forgot which awesome dude told me that instead of sitting there waiting for things to buffer etc it was best to download them off of btjunkie and then use utorrent and play on kmplayer.

so i did that with 2 episodes of the tudors ... now the next two have been downloaded and uploaded but kmplayer doesnt play in when i go to open thingy and look for them they arent ready where as the other 2 were...

im making jack sense arent i? it because i downloaded/uploaded the wrong type of file?

one is a *.XviD-0TV
and *.XviD-2HD

if anyone can help...or even understand me.....will be pleased and send u cyber hugs as am repless at mo!


where have you saved the files to?

never even heard of them :?

ooo, and before you do anything else, download GOM player, very good

Original Poster

think was downloading back to downloads....

first two worked fine...

weird i hit the play thingy on utorrent and its wiped one and gonna have to start from beginning downloading it?

Original Poster

ok i think i worked it out....does it have to end with an avi??

Original Poster

does GOM play em
will d/load that as well

If you struggle to play a file...

Plays everything (even unfinished files, so you can check what you're d/loading).

one is a *.XviD-0TV
and *.XviD-2HD

is the conversion type. Right click the file and view properties then it will be like .divx .avi .ogm use VLC like suggested

so are you enjoying the tudors? i've got match point on at the moment :-D

And, if you need help with the compression of the file...

This can tell you everything about it.

Original Poster

ooooooooo...jus watching desp housewives and then gonna get back to this stuff x

yeah lovng jonathan rhys meyers...sorry i mean the tudors!

Original Poster

watching desp on tv!


VLC player will usually play most formats, but you can download the xvid codec from here:…tml

Hope it helps

Original Poster

man u guys are bloody amazing. thanks x

Original Poster

..however i dont get it.
.....i think i messed up somewhere.... i mean why do the avi files go straight to video clip to downloads folder once done and the others stay as downloaded to be changed.... how can i convert them?

are they 100% downloaded?

Original Poster


but then i got annoyed and deleted them.

but say i did it again would be pointless.....

doing a different one that doesnt end in .avi but one of the files is a .avi (u know when it shows u all the bits it downlaods)

Original Poster

wait episode 5 is 100% yep...i clicked it back on torrents and 100%

Original Poster

so is episode got em back

how do i play em??? got the divx stuff downloaded but even that come thinkg with a v wont play them

Original Poster

Original Poster

dont worry let it stream for a bit and gonna watch it there.... have it on sky plus from episode 6 anyways

will ask again later when wanna download some toher serious...for now..thanks x

do you still need help or is it sorted?
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