Posted 6th Jan 2023
Hi, some assistance please?

I purchased this from John Lewis
and was testing to see if the laundry mode actually works

left on laundry mode for the 6 hours, yet the clothes still feel as wet as they did when they came out of the washing

the water tank was only 1/3 full as well

Is this normal? Or maybe I have a faulty unit?
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    Its collecting water so unlikely to be faulty, it really depends on how you use it too.

    The warmer the room the more water it'll collect and also best to leave the door closed and of course close the window if the room has one
    Yep, doors and windows are closed
    but I’m sure the dehumidifier should dry the clothes, a lot quicker as well

    does anybody else have this model?
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    I use a fan heater for ten minutes or so to heat the room to 17/18 degrees before turning it off and closing the door overnight. Laundry is dry by the morning and the room is usually up to 20 degrees. I also put a big fan in the room to push the drying air around more vigorously, but that may not be necessary. (edited)
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    There are too many variables, how big is the room, was it sealed, how warm was it, starting RH, how many clothes, how wet were the clothes, how were they arranged, where was the unit placed in regards to the clothes etc.
    Having said that, it got 3/4 litre of water from somewhere, however after 6 hours, I would expect the RH to be below 55, so you'll need to tweak all the above variables and see how you get on.
    Finally, it's a small dehumidifier with a laundry function, not a clothes dryer, so don't expect miracles.
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    I've had a compressor and a dessicant dehumidifier and for me the dessicant was much better at pulling moisture out the air. Usually 2 to 3 hours to dry a washing machine load after the spin cycle
    Do you know which model you had?
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    1. How big is the tank?
    2.12l is for 24 hours so for 6 it should collect 3 litres
    3. Number 2 is based on humidity around 80% and above 25 degrees and that is based on my dehumidifier which is different model.
    I hope that helps
    Tank is 2.5l
    so in 6 hours it should have been full but was only 1/3 full 

    humidity was around 55, not sure the temperature in the room though 
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    I have this model. My home is currently 16 degrees so don't use heating much. Still takes 24-30 hours for clothes to dry with this running next to the clothes.
    Not sure the purpose of the machine cutting off after 6 hours on laundry mode. Assume they don't expect peoples clothes to be dry in that time. (edited)
    After the 6 hours, how much water is collected?
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