Mecca Bingo Wakefield

    My friend dragged me to a Mecca Bingo club the other day, and I came out with £51! (Could not believe it!)

    Anyway quite fancy a evening session of bingo tomorrow as didn't get chance to do the evening one the other day since my friend lives a couple of hours away on the train, so does anyone know what facilities are at the Wakefield Mecca i.e. slots / bar etc? The website says 0 for everything which I find hard to believe!



    sounds like they have you in there clutches its a bad thing winning the 1st time you go cos now you are hooked just like me dont go back and keep ur winnings dont give them it back lol:thumbsup:

    Yep, you'll never win again, we counted it up and we've spent £3k going to the bingo this year between us, we've won about £500, but its more the company we go for, we know we're no gonna win anything huge.

    I remember my 1st time at bingo, I won £450 and my wife won £450 in the same game, £900 in one game.
    Won small amounts since but nothing big.

    I never go but a friend went last Sunday night and won £65,000 - couldnt believe it
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