Mecenararies 2

Found 10th Sep 2008
Having watched to people play this game, it has struck me that there is no definitive way to play. What do you reckon?
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I meant two, sorry!
Well I have no input here as I have not played it, but I do love the tune on the TV ad.:)

my copy arrives tomorrow will post when Ive played it
apparently not much to do except run around blowing things up.

gamespot review (5/10):-

Broken, buggy, and shallow gameplay leaves Mercenaries 2's world in flames.

[*] Co-op play can be a bit of fun
[*] Causing mayhem and destruction is entertaining, though the game will often penalize you.[/LIST]

[*] Dozens upon dozens of bugs and glitches
[*] Unsatisfying weapons
[*] Awful AI
[*] Repetitive missions
[*] Lousy story.[/LIST]
My summary is.........played it.............hated it.

It's really buggy, you blow something up and bits just hover in mid air. It's very poor
MMMM... Not sounding good, glad that i didnt buy it after all...loved the first one but looking back it was a bit repetitive, so add the glitches in and its not good

Thankfully i played someone elses before heading to Morrisons. :-D
I've seen as much bugs in it as GTA4 to be honest. I loved the first Mercs and I'm loving this one too
I've been playing it and I think it's good...
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