mechanics/car knowledge can you tell me..........

    cv boots/gaiters whatever they want to call them,my car failed its mot last year and had them both replaced to pass,this year same mot centre it failed on lower suspension arm and cv boots,I've only done 5,000 miles since my last mot,are cv boots something that perish quickly? last year i paid £90 fitted for the cv boots,they told me that it only takes 1 stone from the road to rip them is this true?


    Sounds dodgy to me CV boots should last aat least 30K unless your a rally driver

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    I'm pretty clueless but I dont want to be coughing up for them every mot time!


    I'm pretty clueless but I dont want to be coughing up for them every mot … I'm pretty clueless but I dont want to be coughing up for them every mot time!

    Nah...Ritchie is right...they should not be away after only 5k miles.! Yes they can be damaged - but sounds more like they were just not put on right in the first place..


    Sounds to me like you were charged for the work but it was not carried out.

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    thats what im wondering now,stupidly i didnt ask for the old parts which my dad has always told me to do!

    did they fail for being split or insecure..

    Depends if they put proper boots on or the c**ppy glue together ones. If the latter then its not unheard of....

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    failed on split cv boots

    These things happen, I suggest using a different garage in the future.

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    sure will,certainly wont be going back there in a hurry lol

    If they were not fitted right then they do tend to slip off. Have you had a look to see if they're split as you may be able to just clean, regrease and cable tie them back on.

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    as the car was out of mot and i didnt realise i didnt have really have any choice but to get the work done there so i could be legal again so didnt look at anything just took their word for it but did ask why the cv boots needed doing again when they were only replaced last year and thats when they told me it only takes 1 stone to rip them

    hubby has just taken the car back as he aint happy,theyve knocked the tracking out and the steering wheel is tissed when the wheels are straight lol

    Pity you cannot find your own machanic and let him do the job , or better still get a mobile mechanic to come to your house and carry out the jobs .I dont trust garages to do work , many charge to much and do a shody job .I do my own repairs at least when it comes to the likes of brakes , shoes ,pads and brake pipes etc .I've even done the boots BUT always go for the proper ones , NOT the ones that stretch over the CV joint with a sort of funnel . It's a messy job to extract the drive shaft form the hub but I think it's the correct way .Have a look in your local paper for a mobile mechanic and ring him up for a price .
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