Medal of Honor Flops…tml

    Looks like the to be rival of the COD series has fallen short

    heres the 360 review…tml

    IGN gave it an passable yet unimpressive 6/10



    OK, so the single player was short but so was MW 1 & 2, is it as good as those two?
    IMO no, but it is still a good game, better than the single player of BFBC2 and before anyone starts, i am not a COD fanboy, i did not like the online part MW, i preferred BFBC2 for that bit.
    still ordered it for online anyways

    Or IGN received a nice pay off from Activision...

    Not exactly like they've not done it before

    I dont think I'll get it, maybe if comes down in price.
    Wish they had a demo of it online.


    I dont think I'll get it, maybe if comes down in price.Wish they had a … I dont think I'll get it, maybe if comes down in price.Wish they had a demo of it online.

    There was a beta before, and there is another coming up, where you could go online and try it.
    There were loadssss of bugs, which they say have been fixed.
    It's not a bad game, but Bad Company is still the best FPS in my opinion.

    No surprise really, a large portion of people who played the open beta (myself included) didn't enjoy it.

    there are too many fanboys, even if this were the greatest war game ever created you'd still get the COD fanboy's coming in and saying it was crap. I don't read reviews of games, I watch a few gameplay videos and if it looks interesting, if it does then I'll try it.

    The whole point in betas is for feedback on bugs n glitches, so that they can iron them out before release, and even then games still have glitches, even cod... also i'm not an anti-cod fanboy, i will get black-ops, the gun decals will keep me occupied for a short while

    Just rent it from blockbusters for £6 soming, complete single player, and test the online out, if the onlines any good then buy it, if not take it back to blockbusters. everybodys happy

    meh, give it a good go, there have been many games I really liked that didn't favour well in reviews, its a game, if I enjoy it then its a win

    Great game IMO
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